Vallely Tankers (UK) Ltd


Here at Vallely tankers (UK) LTD, we’re regularly asked to re-chassis customer’s equipment.

And we do! 


By doing so, this has seen many tanks extending their working life for at least ten more years.

...And of course, at a fraction of the cost of new!

Along with regular servicing of components, the tank and equipment will outlast the chassis/cabs!


We also upgrade to the latest specification of controls, electrics, hydraulics and pneumatics.




The work is carried out by our excellent team of engineers, who are all trained specialists with a thorough working knowledge of all types of equipment.











We're more than happy to carry out insurance assessment for road traffic accident damaged vehicles.

Whether it's our brilliant servicing team out on the road, or back in our comprehensive work shop we carry out all essential repairs, you may need to keep you on the road.

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